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Watch this Interview of Sarah Petty with Entrepreneur Magazine. She talks about tips to scale your business by becoming an industry expert  – Read more about how to leverage your expertise. 


CNBC interviewed Sarah Petty about how she turned her side gig into a full-time job. Read more about how Sarah Petty became an expert in marketing.

Listen to this review from Dana about taking the class. It’s life changing!

“A few months ago before starting the Photography Selling System we spoke about what makes me different. It has started to pay off. I took a client through my service start to finish. The session, picking the image for their piece, help them frame it and hang it. They loved it so much they are ordering two more wall portraits. I cannot thank you and Sarah enough, the classes have been priceless.”

Glenn Bashaw

Owner of Images in Light

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Melissa napoli – part 2

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“Wow! Thank you Sarah Petty and PSS! I recently closed a $25,000 sale from a family; I was very excited, the highest sale I had before that was $15,000! Your class Photography Selling System was worth every penny! Thanks again!”

Flo McCall

“I thought I’d share how much different 2013 was, because of you! My average portrait sales almost tripled! I am now getting an average of $3,000 a sale. My largest sale has been $11,000. We doubled the amount of portrait sessions we did this year compared to the year before. We were able to break a quarter million in our fifth year of business. I absolutely credit my sales training for the majority of these successes! Every person I have the opportunity of telling my story to, I sing praises to your trainings. I can’t thank you enough for the energy your team puts in to the training and products that you share with our industry. I am beyond motivated and excited at what we can produce in 2015. I feel equipped and empowered with the tools you have given me. I haven’t seen an ordering session yet where I can’t come up with the answer that makes the sale. Thanks again!”

Kristin Privette

“I got so much more out of it then I came for”

“I feel totally empowered and driven even more now than I was.” “Zero Regrets!”

“When we first started working with Sarah, she helped us make a quick jump in our business. Shooting big is one of the big takeaways. A big Aha moment”

“Going through the marketing program, I immediately had sales, starting off with her model.”

“We have gone through step by step the selling process and it’s brought up so many light bulbs in my head.”

“I’m swimming with ideas and enthusiasm”

“Can’t wait to go home and put everything into action. This has boosted my confidence.”

“It’s just like someone giving you a nudge say “I believe in you, why don’t you believe in you”

“I can’t wait to get back home and implement the things I learned here!”

“Her program is definitely worth every penny and I feel more confident going back into my business and being able to express why I’m worth every penny”

“My business has grown very quickly thanks to her lessons . . .  I loved the community we got to build here together”

“Sarah Petty and her training’s have changed my business!”

“My first IPS was over $1,200 and it’s growing! I’ve never come close to that before.”

“This program has taken my sales from $200 / session to $1,600 per session!”

“More mini-session bookings already using the boutique business model!”

“I finished the course in 3 days and had a $5,000 order on day 3!”

“I couldn’t run my photography business and be a stay-at-home mom without this group and Sarah Petty.”

“My first IPS was over $1,200 and it’s growing! I’ve never come close to that before.”

“Fewer clients, more money and more family time!”

“My second boutique IPS EVER was $801!”

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“I have held more than 50 events for groups of 300-600 business owners over the last 11 years. During that time I have hired many speakers, a lot of them being top names in the business. My group loved Sarah so much I almost got sick of hearing it. Bottom line, if you have a chance to book Sarah for your event – do it before someone else does. If you are on the fence about using Sarah or someone else like I was for your group or event, feel free to call or email me. I would be glad to tell you in more detail why going with Sarah is a big win all around.”

Sam Beckford

Successful Studio Strategies

“Dear Sarah, It was a great honor to meet you and learn from you at the Marathon Press MAP Getaway! Thank you for taking the time away from your family and busy life to share with us. I am always inspired after listening to your marketing wisdom! Please thank Erin as well! “

Shannon & Hayward Gaude

Hayware Guade Photography

“Dear Sarah and Erin, Thank you so much for your presentation at Marathon Press MAP Getaway. Your program was very well organized, professional, full of important content and very entertaining. You are a gem in our industry, helping to inform, inspire and motivate professional photographers to be successful. Thanks for sharing!”

Joan Genest

Storytellers Photography

“Dear Sarah, I just wanted to write and thank you for coming to the MAP Getaway and sharing your time, expertise, and enthusiasm. You are helping so many photographers find their way as you inspires, empower, and energize. I loved your closing talk about the rock climbing wall and I keeping thinking about that foothold. You are a wonderful storyteller and encourage me to write my story and to learn to tell it with joy. Thank you! “


Virginia Freire Photography

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“APPRECIATED the marketing information! I particularly like seeing how one can make graphs of info for marketing objectives in a calendar placed against a sales summary graph of the year. I also found helpful the boxed diagram showing how one’s promotional plan nests inside of the marketing mix nesting inside of the marketing plan nesting inside of the business plan. Very logical and grounding for me. I am an example of a business owner relocating from high high rent in a shopping plaza in coastal California to a much lower rent, fun, funky space in a high trafficked corner location less than a mile away. Now we are in a “village” atmosphere with a rent reduction of 60%. Our business plan has been modified and refined and Sarah’s monthly marketing guidance is extremely helpful in focusing my concentration. Again, thank you. I look forward to the experience of this entire year!”

Barbara Crawford

“I just wanted to let Sarah and her team know how thrilled I was to receive my monthly marketing program kit. You really practice what you preach. The packaging and presentation was incredible. I seriously got a big lump in my throat I was so happy. There were so many goodies! I just got an account with Wild Sorbet and thought the discount card was awesome. I have been in business for 25 yrs. and find I am finally getting the missing(the marketing) part of my photography business. Thank you for sharing all your pearls of wisdom.”

Carrie See

“”Thank you so much for your amazing input yesterday. Honestly, I thought “Why did I impulsively set up this consultation? Do I really need this?” OMG! Yes! You were just what I needed; and, I really appreciate your expertise in an area where I am so weak. I am reviewing our talk and making plans and notes. I will be watching the video when I get to civilization this weekend and am excited to be on a path toward finalizing my logo design. Your generous sharing (thank you again for all the extras) and wealth of knowledge combine to make you an amazing talent and I appreciate your being there for me. I am looking forward to a continued relationship with you and Joy of Marketing!””


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