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“A few months ago before starting the Photography Selling System we spoke about what makes me different. It has started to pay off. I took a client through my service start to finish. The session, picking the image for their piece, help them frame it and hang it. They loved it so much they are ordering two more wall portraits. I cannot thank you and Sarah enough, the classes have been priceless.”

Glenn Bashaw

Owner of Images in Light

“We have gone through step by step the selling process and it’s brought up so many light bulbs in my head.”

“I’m swimming with ideas and enthusiasm”

“Can’t wait to go home and put everything into action. This has boosted my confidence.”

“It’s just like someone giving you a nudge say “I believe in you, why don’t you believe in you”

“I can’t wait to get back home and implement the things I learned here!”

“Her program is definitely worth every penny and I feel more confident going back into my business and being able to express why I’m worth every penny”

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