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“A few months ago before starting the Photography Selling System we spoke about what makes me different. It has started to pay off. I took a client through my service start to finish. The session, picking the image for their piece, help them frame it and hang it. They loved it so much they are ordering two more wall portraits. I cannot thank you and Sarah enough, the classes have been priceless.”

Glenn Bashaw

Owner of Images in Light

Can you do Boutique Breakthrough if you don’t know Photoshop or have a Website yet? 

Vinne pushed herself to a point she didn’t think was ever possible, learning Photoshop and designing her website AND she got her Julie during the workshop.

Here’s what she has to say about her boutique breakthrough.

As a child Kelly had dreamed of becoming a photographer. But life had other plans. Once she retired, she wanted to do something for herself.  

Here’s Kelly’s boutique breakthrough story:

What happens when a 20 year old college student takes Boutique Breakthrough?

Meet Leena. Since Boutique Breakthrough, her clients don’t even bat an eye at her prices and respect her as an artist.

Is Boutique Breakthrough right for you if you don’t even have a business name and haven’t started your photography business yet?

In September, Tara didn’t even have a business. She felt like Boutique Breakthrough was a great opportunity for someone else, but not her. Less than 8 weeks later, she had 2 Julies! Wow! Here’s her story.

Anyone else feel like you’re not sure you’re capable of getting a $1,500 order and ditching the digitals? Amanda told me she had a mental and emotional breakdown 2 weeks into the class. 

 She doubted herself. 

Check out what happened to Amanda 5 weeks after she started Boutique Breakthrough. You won’t believe her story!

 If you’re in a small town and aren’t sure it’s possible that people will invest in anything other than digital files, meet Felicia!  

A single mom who works a full time job, 20 days into Boutique Breakthrough she got her Julie. Her story will inspire you.

Why would a photographer who has been in business 23 years take Boutique Breakthrough? 

 You’ll love Katrina’s story of breaking out of package pricing and her fear of success.

“We have gone through step by step the selling process and it’s brought up so many light bulbs in my head.”

“I’m swimming with ideas and enthusiasm”

“Can’t wait to go home and put everything into action. This has boosted my confidence.”

“It’s just like someone giving you a nudge say “I believe in you, why don’t you believe in you”

“I can’t wait to get back home and implement the things I learned here!”

“Her program is definitely worth every penny and I feel more confident going back into my business and being able to express why I’m worth every penny”

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